We offer advice and consultancy services in the area of Software Requirements Analysis, Feasibility study, Operational Efficiency and Automation.
Having improved the operational efficiency of many organizations to date, we have what it takes to provide good advice in the area of software technology.
Analysis of your Systems & Processes read more
The first step in business process improvement and automation is always to evaluate and analyze existing I.T. infrastructure, systems and business processes.
At HBCC, we have many years of experience in software systems analysis and design. This puts us in a great position to provide you with advice and consultancy around how a business objective can be achieved in consideration of your current applications, networks, and operation.
By gaining deep understanding of your company's goals and constraints we can then propose the best technological solution that can practically be implemented.
Project Feasibility Evaluation read more
Have you identified a potential software solution concept for some complex aspects of your organization?
Are you wondering whether it is feasible and cost effective?
At HBCC, we have designed and delivered hundreds of advanced modules and sub-systems for a wide range of organizations in varying industries. We are also familiar with most up-to-date technologies in the software development world.
With such knowledge and experience, we can provide consultancy around practicality of the potential solution you have identified within your time and budget constraints.
Wondering where to Start? read more
Smart individuals at some organizations may come up with great ideas for potential software solutions. However, it might not be obvious how to go about starting the solution implementation. We are happy to discuss the project you have in mind in order to find the best approach that works.
Sometimes the best approach is to start by doing detailed requirements analysis. Other times it might be more suitable to start by creating a draft prototype or proof-of-concept, or the best first step may be to author a business plan.
Our expertise and experience will come handy should you be wondering what the best "next step" may be.
Behind the schedule for your software project? read more
Thanks to HBCC Code technology, we can develop Web Applications several times faster than other developers.
If a software project you have been developing is overdue, or if you fear that deadlines will not be met, our team may be able to help. In a number of examples, our team has successfully built a complete application in a fourth of the time others had taken for the same project and didn't complete.
If you are in such a situation, it's worth getting in touch so we can have a look and provide you with options.
Complexity grown beyond your developers' ability? read more
Software projects naturally have the potential to get overcomplicated. Sometimes that's due to the inherent complexity of the requirements. Some other times that is caused by accidental complexity driven from incorrect architectural design of the solution.
If your current developers have been trying to get the project right, but you believe they are not experienced or skilled enough to do it right, then we may be able to help.
In most cases, an elegant and simple architecture can hide away even inherent complexity and yield a maintainable and clean solution.
Some developers left you in the middle...? read more
In case an accidental event or any other issue has made your developers unable to continue a half-done software project, you may be facing a challenging situation.
At HBCC, we usually try to reserve some development capacity available for urgent requests. As a growing organization we are always happy to explore potential opportunities with prospectus clients. In some cases we can take on the existing implementation and develop it to completion. At other times we may propose a redevelopment from scratch while guaranteeing delivery times.
Save time: Complete work items faster read more
For most organizations, their people's time is the biggest cost. The more work every employee can accomplish in a unit of time, the more efficient the entire organization will be. It is possible to increase productivity of employees by developing custom software and tools unique to how they work, and in consideration of their context, communications and duties.
At HBCC, we can analyze your information flow and propose solutions that can make everyone complete their tasks faster.
Save money: Eliminate waste & duplications read more
Using discrete tools, systems and files has created a huge deal of duplication and wasted time in most organizations. >br>Through the power of custom databases and integrated software, it is possible to create a firm IT foundation for flow of information, in a way that every logical piece of information is only added or updated once for the entire business.
It can make the outcome of everyone's work readily available to everyone else in the organization that can benefit from it, as opposed to doing that work again, and again, and again.
Deliver more: Double productivity of staff read more
If you think that your staff is not as productive as they can be, you are probably right.
People are most productive when they don't have to deal with frustration and friction in their line of accomplishing their duties. At HBCC, we can combine our creativity, experience and the latest technologies to create pleasant working experience for your staff.
We can give them some tools that enable them to stay focused at the core function they are hired to do, by automating everything else.