Are you searching for an expert company who can turn your mobile App idea into reality?
We use state-of-the-art technology combined with care and passion to create awe-inspiring mobile apps.
Our technology enables us to develop your App once and run it on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 without having to do it all over again for every platform!
Business Applications for Mobility read more
Smart phones and PDAs can create amazing opportunities for many businesses to improve their operations, project management and staff productivity. The benefits are more impactful where the staff spend a considerable amount of their time on the road or at customer sites. At HBCC, we have the skills and experience to develop custom mobile business applications. In most cases, the mobile application will be connected to another web-based administration application used to monitor and manage mobile staff. Our team is experienced in developing iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows-based mobile applications.
iPhone & iPad Development read more
Apple's iPhone and iPad have been exceptionally successful in the marketplace due to the amazing user experience and touch feel that they bring to the users. At HBCC, we have the knowledge and experience of developing iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad applications using both native as well as cross platform development technologies.
Android Development read more
Google's Android operation system for mobile has been a successful smartphone that is gaining continuous share in the market and already has a large community of users and applications. At HBCC, we are proud to offer guaranteed development services for the Android platform for our clients who choose Google's Android as their mobile platform of choice. The good news is that if we have already created an iPhone version of your App, we can build your Android version with 10% of the cost due to our unique technology.
Windows Phone 7 Development read more
Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 operating system is referred to as a very promising alternative to iPhone and Android. In particular with the recent deal between Microsoft and Nokia it has the potential of becoming a major player in the mobile market. At HBCC, we offer Windows Phone 7 development to our clients. We have extensive .NET development experience and proven business mobile applications based on this platform with seamless integration with server-side web applications.