It's a paradigm shift in software implementation. This in-house technology enables HBCC to build web-based database driven applications about 6x faster. Read below to learn how it can benefit your company and your project.
New Programming System read more
Development with HBCC Code demands a shift in the programmer's mindset and thinking about software implementation. Even though the end result is the same standard .NET code that traditional programming would yield, but the difference is in the process of getting there. >br>With HBCC Code, the developers define the Program Representation using a mix of high level design concepts plus low level refinements. The technology will then compile the two together to produce the target software code.
.NET Productivity Tool read more
As a Tool, HBCC Code dramatically improves the productivity of developers for producing web-based database driven applications. It automates majority of low level tasks involved in professional programming including database implementation, business object code authoring, object relational mappings, unit test authoring, user interface modules, navigation, input validation, transactions and so forth.
Therefore, the developers can spend more time on business requirements, functionality, features and architectural design of the solution rather than all the mumbo jumbo of programming.
Revolution in Implementation Qualityread more
There are things humans do that computers can't do. But anything computers can do, they do it better, faster and more accurately than humans. Humans naturally make mistakes, get tired and lose passion in repetitive work. In our projects, about 90% of code is produced by HBCC Code, as opposed to hand-written. This reduces room for human errors and results in massive quality improvements.
That's why our projects are delivered with exceptionally higher quality than others.
Framework Specific Modelling read more
The foundation of HBCC Code programming model is based upon Framework Specific Modeling Languages theory. Our developers express about 90% the client projects' structure and behavior based on a set of high level abstract ASP.NET Framework modeling concepts. This is an alternative to coding all of that in ASP.NET directly.
This way, the same piece of software that would normally need 100 lines of code, can be defined in 5 lines of "model driven code".
Domain Driven Design read more
In HBCC Code programming model, the basis of developing a client application is defining a conceptual object-oriented entity model for the business domain of a project. All other abstraction concepts (i.e. words of the language) in the User Interface layer are then declared as instances of domain driven, framework specific modules. In other words it expands the notion of "C# Generics" to the User Interface layer.
This notion is what distinguishes HBCC Code from any other programming system or CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) tool in the market.
Meta Modelling + 3GL Code Injectionread more
In almost any software project, there are generic & common as well as complex & unique features, rules and structures. These two together form the entirety of the application. Although many high-level programming languages and 4GLs can cover "generic & common" aspects, the "unique and complex" attributes are still best programmed using standard 3GL languages (such as C#). HBCC Code introduces a hybrid approach, meaning our developers use the high-level Coder language to define the bulk of the solution, and at the same time write the complex parts in standard C# and ASP.NET.
Support for natural & consistent co-existence of these two together in the same modeling code base is another unique aspect of HBCC Code technology.
.NET Code Transformationread more
While Models are great to keep the code base maintainable, clean and brief, they cannot be executed directly.
HBCC Code Compiles the Meta model as well as C# and ASP.NET code extensions into a single typical ASP.NET project code base which is no different from a manually hand-crafted solution. This way, the end result of what we produce will be a standard ASP.NET solution. We deliver that to our clients. This allows them to own and maintain the application as if no HBCC Code technology existed in the first place.
This eliminates any risks including "dependency on HBCC" for future maintenance of the solution.
Improved: Quality of your Application read more
The quality of the code produced by HBCC Code is significantly higher than manual coding for two reasons: Firstly, the entire code will be based on standards, robust patterns, fully documented and more importantly complete. There will be no human errors, laziness or inconsistencies.
Secondly, the results will be extensively tested. Over the past years, the architecture of the output code patterns has evolved to great maturity. Experience gained from projects are delivered to each new project.
Reduced: Project Time & Costs read more
By automating over 90% of programming, HBCC Code makes it in average 6 times faster to build software applications. This enables us to complete your project at considerably reduced time.
In fact, this technology allows us to work with even smaller budget, while giving you a decent personalized service.
Reduced: Business Risks read more
1. Where time is of the essence, the productivity and speed advantages of HBCC Code guarantee on-time completion of the project.
2. Where the project is mission critical, customer facing or integral to business continuity, robustness and reliability of the solution becomes ever more important. This is where HBCC Code's quality improvements make a huge difference in reducing your risks.
3. Where flexibility to modify the solution in response to changes in the business or uncertainties is critical to project success, then the time & cost reductions of HBCC Code along with its inherent support for solution transformation can take you all the way.
Your Intellectual Propertyread more
Some development companies have a framework or library of components that they use to deliver client projects more quickly. The problem with that approach is that ownership of such components is never assigned to their client, making them dependent to the developer.
With HBCC Code however, you will own the entire solution. So you will have zero dependency on us for maintenance, future development or selling the application ownership and rights. Everything will be yours, because HBCC Code unlike those Frameworks, has no foot-print on a delivered solution.
See it in Action read more
We are very open and transparent about our technology, because we always use it for the best interests of our clients. We encourage prospectus clients, particularly those more technical and familiar with mainstream tools & technologies to come over and see our magic in action. We can build a small application in front of your eyes in a 1 hour session, something that would normally take a day or two to build.
Please get in touch to arrange a show-off session!
Put HBCC on Trial - Free! read more
It's a big claim we are making, we understand that!
That's why we are happy to accept a challenge to prove our claims.
For example, we can develop a prototype of your project in a day, something that normally needs a week or two to complete.
The Challenge!
Alternatively to make it more exciting, we are happy to take a competition:
1 of our developers + HBCC Code V.S. 3 from another company: To work on a small project defined by you for 2 hours, and you judge the results!
If we lose, we'll offer 20 days of free development.
If we win, you'll hopefully have the confidence in us to do your project, totally tentative!
Too Good to be True? read more
We understand that it may all sound too good to be true. Increasing developer productivity by 6x with no side-effect or drawback is a pretty hefty claim. Almost no one believes it unless they see it. That's why, we are happy to prove the power of technology in almost any way that prospectus clients demand.
All being said, our large number of successful projects and our rapid growth rate are the best proofs of validity and uniqueness of our claims.