Software development is a collaborative process. For a project to be successful, people at both parties should be able to communicate effectively, trust each other and feel comfortable. That's why, it really matters who you are dealing with in a software project. We are proud that our clients refer to us as "friendly, approachable and caring".
How many developers? 8 or 80?! read more
Counting heads, we have 8 developers in the company. We offer flexibility to work on projects requiring 8 or 80 developers based on requirements and specifications. Our unique tool, HBCC Code, increases the productivity of each developer by 5 to 6 times, and that is the secret to our notable success in delivering the most demanding projects with such a small team.
Each member of our development team combined with HBCC Code is functionally equivalent to a team of 4 - 5 developers.
Passionate, Expert & Friendly read more
You can guess from the name of our company, "HoneyBee", that we are exceptionally passionate about solving challenging technical problems.
Our developers always work openly and positively with our clients with a friendly approach to create software solutions to the toughest business problems in a simplified, easy-to-use manner and towards a long-term mutually beneficial relationships.
Our Qualified Team read more
As a company we have an environment that rewards deep knowledge and technical excellence. Every single one of our developers has a technical degree in Software Engineering or Computer Science.
We mix the best of industry and academic world in a fresh and forward-thinking team to bring truly valuable solutions to our clients’ businesses.
Range for Experience to Suit your Requirements read more
We are a team of developers consist of varied experience developers to suit your requirements and fit in your budget. Each of our developers has been developing mission-critical software solutions in various different environments and organizations. With this highly professional and expert team, we have been able to deliver the most demanding projects and solve the most complex problems.
When you work with HBCC to deliver your project, you will be working with hundreds of years of technical experience in software design, analysis, coding, testing, integration and maintenance as a team.