Software development is tricky. To do it successfully one needs knowledge, talent, commercial awareness, and years of experience. Read below to see why you can trust HBCC with 5 critical elements that will determine your project's success.
Top-notch Coding standards read more
Source code is the life and blood of every software project. Quality of the overall solution comes directly from clarity, robustness and maintainability of the source code.
At HBCC, we have mature coding and documentation standards based Microsoft’s guidelines and also our own learning from many years of programming.
Mature Technical Architecture read more
Although programming is important for producing maintainable software, but what is more vital to the long term flexibility and sustainability of a software system is the architectural design of the solution. Our technical architects have many years of experience in designing tens of successful mission-critical systems.
We combine the industry’s best patterns and practices with the wealth of our technical excellence to design our clients’ solutions with an architecture that stands the test of time.
Test Driven Development read more
Putting it simply, Test Driven Development or TDD is a technique whereby the developer writes a separate program alongside the client’s main application. The role of that program is merely to test and challenge the sanity of the main application. It will automatically and continuously verify every unit of the main program to ensure it functions as expected.
At HBCC, we use this technique to produce highly maintainable and reliable software in order to help our clients to safeguard their investment in the project.
Microsoft Certified Partner read more
HBCC-Tech has attained Certified Microsoft Partnership which represents the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies and demonstrates our close working relationship with Microsoft. Microsoft’s .Net Platform has been the world’s most successful programming system since its advent in 2000.
We deliver almost all projects on .NET platform to help our clients to base their investment on a technology that is mature and fully supported.
Successfully delivered Projects read more
As a company we have delivered numerous software solutions of varying size and complexity to global organizations.
We have gained extensive experience from dealing with all sorts of challenges in designing, building, testing and operation of those systems.
When you work with HBCC, you can rest assured that your mission critical project is in safe hands and will be delivered the way you want it. We can overcome the most challenging technical and human related problems.
Our Qualified Team read more
As a company we have an environment that rewards deep knowledge and technical excellence. Every single one of our developers has a technical degree in Software Engineering or Computer Science.
We mix the best of industry and academic world in a fresh and forward-thinking team to bring truly valuable solutions to our clients’ businesses.
Range for Experience to Suit your Requirements read more
We are a team of developers consist of varied experience developers to suit your requirements and fit in your budget. Each of our developers has been developing mission-critical software solutions in various different environments and organizations. With this highly professional and expert team, we have been able to deliver the most demanding projects and solve the most complex problems.
When you work with HBCC to deliver your project, you will be working with hundreds of years of technical experience in software design, analysis, coding, testing, integration and maintenance as a team.
Unique Technology: a Revolution in Productivity read more
Our innovative in-house tool, HBCC Code, enables our developers to deliver .NET projects several times faster than using mainstream tools. With this unique tool, we have already developed over many successful software projects with varying levels of sophistication, from simple CMS websites to real-time finance reconciliation systems with extensive integration complexities.
HBCC Code is a true revolution in developer productivity and makes it possible to deliver mission-critical software projects in a fraction of the time.
We get things Right the First time read more
With an extensive experience in designing and developing web-based software applications, we have learnt what works and what doesn't. By designing applications' architecture correct the first time, we stay tuned and focused on building and delivering our client projects without having to continuously go back and revisit things. We have a perfect blend of experienced, expertise and personalities in our team.
This enables us to deliver your time-sensitive and mission critical solution in shorter time than the market standards.
We offer Guarantee on completion times read more
Software development industry has a very bad reputation in relation to meeting deadlines with an average over-time of 110%. There are a number of issues that lead to this typical overrun for software projects.
At HBCC, we are fully aware of those issues and have found solutions for in our framework. With a very skilled team, unique technology and wealth of experience we are confident of meeting any deadline we commit to. We are so confident of our ability that we can happily offer contractual guarantees on completion times.
So, if time to go-live is of critical importance for your project, look no further!
Low overheads = Affordable Rates read more
HBCC-Tech is a very agile and focused organization. We are fully owned and managed by technical directors of the company who play an active role in client projects' delivery.
Our very low overheads allow us to offer competitive rates and deliver maximum value for money to our clients.
Faster development = Reduced delivery costs read more
There is hardly any "material" to delivering software projects and almost the entire cost of building software is for time of the professionals spent on a project.
Our unique technology, HBCC Code, and our very skilled and experienced team enable us to complete the projects significantly faster than the competition. This reduction of time will directly bring about reduction of costs.
Top quality = Low maintenance costs read more
In the life-cycle of a software product, when it comes to overall costs, maintainability is the most important element.
At HBCC, we have an obsessive focus on maintainability of the systems that we design and deliver. By producing exceptionally high quality software code we ensure that our clients' long-term costs are minimized.
Friendly & Approachable read more
Most software projects take several months from inception to completion and during this period there will need to be continuous and intense communication and relationship between the client and the software developers. So, it is very important for the two parties to get on with each other and maintain a positive project atmosphere.
As you can guess from the name of our company, we are different from the typical "business people" who are difficult to comfortably speak to. Despite being very professional at our work, we always try to be easy-going individuals and make our clients comfortable to express their thoughts and seek our consultation.
Regular Online Meetings read more
Software systems are complex in nature. For a successful project delivery, the developers must be able to understand the requirements and challenges involved in the client's business. Although Telephone, Emails, WebEx and other media can make it easy to communicate and resolve simple issues, but the more complex elements (which happen to be frequent in software projects) will still need to be discussed in regular online brainstorming sessions. This is one of the main reasons that work offshore with HBCC has been quite successful in all size projects.
At HBCC, being a proactivly communicating software company, we have always been very successful in resolving the most challenging issues using regular online meetings with our clients.